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Smart Life Tuya WIFI 1P w/ Neutral 240V 63A 13800W 13.8KW w/ Power Monitor

Smart Life Tuya WIFI 1P w/ Neutral 240V 63A 13800W 13.8KW w/ Power Monitor

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The smart Switch with Power Consumption Energy Monitoring provides you with the perfect intelligent control of your Smart Home or workplace with Power Monitoring.

View energy Consumption Data on the app to correctly track the energy usage around your home. Know which devices consume the most energy, and make plans to save energy and electricity bills.

This Basic Smart Switch is used to Turn your Devices ON/ OFF from your Mobile Smartphone via the Tuya/ Smart Life App. Switch your Devices ON/ OFF from anywhere in the world.

All you need is Our Smart Home Devices, WiFI with constant Internet, and Electricity to power the Device and your Lights. Some of Our Devices are Battery Powered so you don't have to worry about messy cables or the need to run cables.

Switch your Device ON/ OFF from anywhere in the world.
Monitor Power Electricity usage of the whole house or Appliances connected to the device.
Set a schedule or a Countdown Timer of when your Device should be turned ON/ OFF.
Syncs from Tuya or Smartlife app to Google Home and Alexa app for Voice Control.
Get alerted via Notification on your Mobile Smartphone within seconds if a Device turns ON/ OFF.
Can be used to turn on any appliance under 13800W (63A) Max. Eg. The whole house, Geyser, Pool Pumps, Fans, Heaters, Iron, TV, Kettle, Toaster, Fridge, Freezer, Microwave, or Extension cords that connect to any other appliance.

In-App Features;
Switch ON/ OFF
Live View of Total kWh | Today kWh Used | Power (W) | Voltage (V) | Current (A).
Electricity: Monitor Total Kilowatt Hours including a Daily (Per Hour), Monthly (Per day), Yearly (Per month), and total KWh view.
Time: Schedule | Sunrise | Sunset | Circulate.
Settings: Countdown | Relay Status | Light Mode | Maintenace Lock | Logs.
Alarm Settings: High Power Alarm | Over-Current Alarm | Over-Voltage Alarm | Under-Voltage Alarm. Each can enable or disable Breaker tripping which will turn the switch switch OFF if it reaches any of the thresholds set.

Electrical Voltage: 90V-240V AC.
Power Rating: 13800W 13.8KW (63A) Max.
Please note that Data cannot be extracted from the app. You can only view the data on a per-hour, per-day, or per-month Basis on the app.
Wireless Frequency: WiFi Standards IEEE 802.11 b/n/g on the 2.4G Hz Only. 

Color: White.
Dimensions: Box: 88 x 72 x 22mm
Weight: 0.11kg.

What's in the Package;
1 x Tuya WIFI 1P w/ Neutral 240V 63A 13800W 13.8KW w/ Power Consumption Energy Monitoring.
1 x User Manual.

*Please note that this Model has a Power Button on the unit so it can be turned ON/OFF from the Unit*

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