Does Matter really Matter

Does Matter really Matter


All of these events indicate that the Matter standard protocol is close at hand. We’re approaching a new era of the smart home built on simplicity and interoperability, you can integrate different branded smart devices that you like into your home automation system. No worry about the unavailable control when the Internet or cloud is down as the Matter device performs consistent and responsive local control.


Formerly known as Project Connected Home Over IP ( CHIP ), Matter is a unifying, IP-based connectivity protocol built on proven technologies with more simplicity, interoperability, reliability, and security that aims to reduce fragmentation across different vendors, and achieve interoperability among home automation devices and IoT platforms from different providers. As a member of CSA ( Connectivity Standards Alliance ), SONOFF is actively participating in all the testing procedures to ensure Matter compliance and validate interoperability. The first SONOFF Matter product will be launched soon in May 2023. SONOFF is expected to be one of the first Matter smart device manufacturers.


The Matter-based device can seamlessly work with different IoT platforms, the development/test of the Matter product is never stopped since the announcement last year that SONOFF devices will support Matter, we can’t wait to share with you the first trial test of the Matter-based device working with Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) via the Matter connectivity. Watch the video demo below👇

SONOFF will keep developing reliable and secure smart products to build and create the easy smart home experience that best suits you. Let’s stay tuned for what Matter-Based products will bring to us. 🤩



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