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Ajax DIN Holder

Ajax DIN Holder

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Holder for fixing Relay or WallSwitch power management devices on a DIN rail. The DIN Holder is an important part that allows you to securely mount a Relay or WallSwitch on a DIN rail. Installation is possible in e.g. a switchboard, mounting box or server cabinet.

Ajax DIN Holder

Power Management Holder Specifications

The holder for fixing the Relay or WallSwitch DIN Holder is made of durable black polycarbonate, weighing 9 grams. Measuring 52 × 41 × 18mm, the holder with the relay installed is the same width as a single-phase circuit breaker. The holder can be installed in places with humidity up to 75%. Included with the holder is a set of stickers that will help identify which circuit or device the relay controls and brief instructions.

Installing DIN Holder for WallSwitch and Relay

The Relay and WallSwitch Power Management Device Holder is mounted on a rail using side hinges and does not require the use of third-party tools. The holder housing securely fixes the devices on a 35 mm DIN rail and follows the shape of the relay. Neighbouring circuit breakers will also not cause inconvenience. The holder hole system provides passive ventilation of the case allowing the relay to operate at air temperatures up to +60°C. 

Manual control

DIN Holder casing has a built-in button to control the power supply manually: press it to change the state of the contacts to the opposite in bistable mode and change the state for the time specified in the settings in the pulse mode.

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