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Ajax SpaceControl

Ajax SpaceControl

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Ajax SpaceControl

Ajax SpaceControl is a durable 4 button, 2-way remote control / key fob for arming, partial arming (night mode), disarming and panic. The signal is sent in an encrypted format which prevents it from being intercepted. It is perfect for staff, lending to guests or use it as a back-up if your phone battery dies.

Ajax SpaceControl – Remote Control / Keyfob for controlling the Ajax system

The SpaceControl keyfox includes 4 buttons for Full Arm, Partial Arm / Night Mode, Disarm and Panic. SpaceControl can also be setup to control a selected group / partition only, e.g. staff and tenant areas.

  • Ajax 2-way remote with panic button
  • One-touch full or partial arming
  • Colour coded security status indication
  • Rolling code encryption and authentication
  • Battery life up to 3 years
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