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Sonoff Zigbee Temperature &Humidity Sensor

Sonoff Zigbee Temperature &Humidity Sensor

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SONOFF SNZB-02 is a ZB temperature and humidity sensor that can seamlessly work with SONOFF ZBBridge to track the temperature and humidity change in your home, which all real-time readings can be checked on eWeLink APP. Better still, you can set a condition in the smart scene that is the fan is turn on/off when the temperature reaches the limit value, or the dehumidifier in your room starts working once the humidity is over higher, helping prevent the growth of mildew and allergens. You can set a smart scene to trigger alerts through events like high/low temperature, high/low humidity conditions and more. Device sharing function makes your kids, family, and even the neighbors informed about the environmental conditions of your home with their mobile phones. The camera feature is available on the sensor to make you know what's go on in your home. It reserves time for you to take actions if a fire hazard arises. It is a battery-operated sensor that can be placed in any corner of your house to monitor the room temperature and humidity. Installation without any tool, simply stick the sensor on the surface of the wall or device and see it nicely to work for you!


- Monitor indoor temperature and humidity.
- Sync the real-time temperature and humidity reading to APP.
- Can trigger Wi-Fi devices in smart scene.
- Add a camera to ensure you know any emergency in your home.
- Low-battery notification.
- Quick and easy to install.
- Requires the SONOFF ZBBridge to work

Specification of SONOFF SNZB-02:

Battery: 3V(CR2450);
Wireless protocol: ZB (IEEE 802.15.4);
Material: PC;
Dimension: 43X43X14mm
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