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Ajax Button

Ajax Button

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Ajax Button – Wireless Panic Button & Remote Control for Scenarios

The Ajax Button is a wireless, single button that can be used as a panic or multi-scenario remote. Easily program the remote to notify your armed response company of a number of possible hazards or program the remote for smart home management.

It’s tiny and weightless, resistant to dust and splashes and can be easily attached onto any surface, worn on the wrist or around the neck. Keep it always close by!!


Ajax Button

Panic Mode:

Press the panic button to instantly alert the armed response company as well other users of your system

Control Mode:

Turn lights on and off, activate home appliances, open your gate and control numerous other devices with a push of a button.


The Ajax Button is tiny and weightless, resistant to dust and splashes. It can be easily attached onto any surface, worn on the wrist or around the neck.

Guarantees Alarm Delivery:

Once it delivers an alarm, it will notify you with a green blink. It communicates with a Hub using Jeweller radio protocol that encrypts all of the transmitted data. In the event of signal interference or radio jamming, Ajax system switches the radio frequency and notifies you as well as the armed response company about the situation.

Seamless Installation:

Scan the QR-code using the Ajax app to register your Button. Then you can clip it on a key fob, wear on your neck, or adjust on a double-sided tape anywhere in a house, an office, or a store.

  1. Scan the QR-code
  2. Name your Button
  3. Keep it close

Button Activation on Mobile Devices

Without false alarms

The body of the Ajax Button is designed to prevent false alarm even if you sit or lay on it. And to ensure additional protection, you can set it up to react only on a double tap or a long press (for 1.5 seconds).
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