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Ajax vhfBridge

Ajax vhfBridge

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Module for connecting Ajax security systems to third-party VHF transmitters / armed response radio transmitters

Ajax communicates with monitoring and armed response companies via cloud however if they are not Ajax ready, the Ajax vhfBridge can connect to their radio transmitters and provide battery backup for both devices for up to 75 hours during power failures.

Works with Hub Plus, Hub 2 (2G), Hub 2 (4G) and Hub 2 Plus

Ajax vhfBridge

Instant alarm transmission without Internet

vhfBridge is a transponder that provides a hub with an additional channel to communicate with an armed response company.

With vhfBridge, you can use Ajax systems where the Internet connection is unstable or if your preferred armed response is not Ajax ready.

Alarms and events of the system are transmitted via VHF radio waves over tens of kilometres1. vhfBridge can be used as a primary or a backup communication channel.

Elaborate autonomy – up to 75 hours battery backup

You can add a 7a/h backup battery inside a vhfBridge casing which can also power up the armed response radio transmitter. In the event of power failures, the vhfBridge and AR Radio Transmitter will continue operating for up to 75 hours

  • Up to 75 hours of autonomous operation
  • Place for a 7 Ah backup battery


Adjustable signalling

Get only events you need. You can configure each vhfBridge output in the Ajax app: set an event or disable it.

Events supported by vhfBridge

  1. Intrusion
  2. Panic button
  3. Malfunction
  4. Tamper
  5. Power loss of vhfBridge
  6. Power loss of the hub
  7. Hub’s battery discharged
  8. Loss of connection between vhfBridge and the hub
  9. Fire
  10. Medical assistance
  11. Any alarm
  12. Change of security modes
  13. vhfBridge battery discharged
  14. Confirmed intrusion
  15. Confirmed hold-up device alarm



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