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Justworx IoT SIM Card

Justworx IoT SIM Card

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Ajax / Hikvision Hubs must be connected to the internet for remote communication and software updates. It is highly recommended to have a SIM card inserted into the Hub as either backup to your existing internet connection or for use without the internet. 

Justworx IoT SIM cards include DATA, No monthly payments, No subscriptions.

*Cannot be used for phone calls or surfing the internet! 

Activate your Justworx IoT SIM card HERE and select the following options for your Ajax Hub:

  • 10MB/month if used as backup to an existing internet connection – DATA will last for 30 years
  • 100MB/month if you don’t have internet and only the SIM card will be used DATA will last for 2 years
  • Top-up data available online and never expires


Justworx automatically connect to Vodacom and MTN

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