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Sonoff TH20 Elite (Sensor sold separately)

Sonoff TH20 Elite (Sensor sold separately)

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Difference between Sonoff TH Elite and POW Elite 

6-Month Temp & Humi Historical Data by Hours - 
Support to check the temp & hum history data by hour, day and month. Past 6-month history data can be exported in .xlsx format and accurate to hour

Local Automatic Control -  Support LAN control, the device can turn on/off automatically according to the temp & humi thresholds at different time periods. You can set 8 automatic control programs for you to save electricity bills and create comfortable surroundings.

Voice Control - Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant. Just speak out your command, they can do on/off as you say, and check the temperature and humidity for you.

Smart Scenes - TH Origin can trigger other smart devices when the temperature and humidity reach the threshold or the device switches on or off. The device on, off, and invert can also as execute action.

Note 3: If you already have the 2.5mm Audio jack sensor (Si7021/AM2301/DS18B20) and want to use it with the new TH Origin, you can click to buy the RJ11 adapter.

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