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HomeKit Hub

HomeKit Hub

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**Please note, if you only want to control light switches, bulbs or general smart home devices and you do NOT want to add in IP cameras/RTSP cameras please look at HomeKit Bridge Lite **

Home Kit Homebridge offers HomeKit integrations for countless devices that normally wouldn’t be compatible. This integration includes eWelink, Tuya/Smart Life, and other smart home devices. If you want to use a device in HomeKit that isn’t compatible, it’s extremely likely you can make it compatible with a HomeKit Homebridge.

HomeBridge is a lightweight NodeJS server you can run on your home network that emulates the iOS HomeKit API. It supports Plugins, which are community-contributed modules that provide a basic bridge from HomeKit to various 3rd-party APIs provided by manufacturers of "smart home" devices.

This is a complete unit that allows you to bring items from Ewelink, Smart Life, Tuya and other popular smart home apps into Apple HomeKit. Take control through one app and set times and control your home fully. The unit plugs into the ethernet port of your router within your home and then you can log into the device and load some details and this will then bring through your devices from Ewelink, Smart Life, Tuya into HomeKit.

There is a simple website to log into to make changes and log into the plugin and add in additional Plugins if needed. From time to time the plugins do require an update and this can all be managed from the simple website

You can even use Siri to do the commands through your apple watch, iPhone, iPad, HomePod or Siri remote.

Add on devices sold through SystemGo for items like taking control of your Electric Gate or Garage Motor and Siri can action all while you are driving to your property. You have the ability to add in IP cameras too that will pull through to HomeKit so now you can control your home and check on  your cameras too. All items sold on System Go like Sonoff, Tuya/SmartLife, Eachen, Shelly, Broadlink all will work in HomeKit.

The only requirement for all to operate is a HomePod, Apple TV 4th Gen. This is the hub/gateway for all to operate your home when you not home.

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